What's The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace was born as an idea to bring together experiences and knowledgements of the jewellery world. It Will be here an exchange of information and trends, markets and fairs; brands and events will take place in these pages. There will be a truthful and independent information, according to global criteria, and it will travel through the different subsector disciplines.

The editor, who writes these lines, comes from a family of several generations of jewelers from Córdoba, Spain. Jewelery has been for him a whole from the professional point of view.

Economics and business administration educated, he worked in other bussinesses - bank, aviation and agro industries-. He also wrote for seven years, in the decade of the eighties of the last century, for the prestigious national magazine Joyas y Joyeros, of the Editorial Tecnipublicaciones de Madrid. Today it has its continuity in the Editorial Grupo Nexo, highly recognized and leader in the economic information of the jewelry subsector in Spain. Economic reports, markets, essays, reports and international fairs, et caetera, were the topics covered.

This, together with the family business, and temporary collaborations with major brands, have made the author, a professional deeply knowledgeable about everything related to the subsector: from the creation of collections, to attending international fairs, through the projection and direction of integral commercial areas, the import, export and distribution of jewelery. He has managed the installation of major brands in Spain and the opening of boutiques, and has dedicated himself exclusively to the diamond market for two years; this makes the market look like a global whole, which undoubtedly is today.

You can also find a section dedicated to the advertising of jewelry companies; the consultancy and advice of products, their recommendation. In it, production and own distributions will have a special place, being open to external collaborations according to our criteria.

Welcome to this new adventure without defined target, in a sea full of economic and social failings.