Seventh art undoubtedly treasures the ability to show and recreate the other six individual arts. Architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature and dance are gathered and admired in the cinema. This shows us a compendium of the others in a single space recreated by all or some of the others.

The cinema also serves, like no other art, to transport us to history, both natural and human. It is the almost perfect recreation of what it was and it will never be the same again.

It is also part of our own personal history. He accompanies us throughout his life; from childhood adventures, the emotions of youth, the challenges of maturity, to the memories of elder people, any feeling can be reflected on the big screen Who does not remember a film that evokes eternal love, as a couple, as a family, as companions of the life? Couples enjoy cinema together, families, friends. And there are masterpieces, truly touching and unforgettable, that unite souls in their feelings, and cause an intimate bond to flourish between them and knotted by the unspeakable sensation of sharing something intangible, illusory.

In this collection you can find that imperishable detail that is a jewel, that will forever remind you of that collected and pleasant feeling. An original pendant, bright earrings, a discreet ring, that will always make you remember that moment.



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