The jewelry collections we show are the result of a meticulous selection of guaranteed items. They are made with 750 / ooo gold or 925 / ooo silver, officially hallmarked. Set with natural gems, such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

Its manufacture takes place almost entirely in the workshops of Córdoba, Spain, an ancient city with centuries-old traditions in goldsmithing. The designs obey, depending on the collections, expressions of popular culture, affinity to an art, or timeless, elegant and discreet graphics. Each piece, each gem, carries behind design hours in its production or cut.

This is not a virtual store, the sale is personal. It is a selection of pieces, with an indicative price, which aims to stimulate the visitor, either for a single piece, or for its distribution channel, or its boutique. We are manufacturers and we can offer our products to any level of the distribution chain. New ideas or products needs are welcome.

We invite you to visit the collections at The Golden Palace, where you will find quality products, guaranteed with decades of experience in the world of jewelery. Contact us through any media, and then we will call you personally.


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