Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018


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The Government of Thailand does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making ificant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated overall increasing efforts compared to the reporting period; therefore Thailand remained on Tier 2. These efforts included providing anti-trafficking training to judges and working with NGOs to provide trauma-informed care training to police, prosecutors, and shelter staff. The government investigated more suspected cases of labor trafficking compared to the reporting period, sentenced convicted traffickers to ificant terms of imprisonment, increased the amount of compensation provided to victims through the anti-trafficking fund, and successfully provided restitution to victims of trafficking for the first time during the reporting period. However, the government did not meet the minimum standards in several key areas. Officials continued to conflate trafficking and smuggling during the reporting period, effective victim identification remained inadequate, and the government did not provide adequate psycho-social care to victims or provide victims residing in government shelters sufficient freedom of movement.

Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018

In addition, government leegal often lacked sufficient s of interpreters, which weakened their ability to provide adequate services to victims. Employers reportedly convinced Thai law enforcement to bring criminal charges against exploited workers for theft when workers attempted to leave or change jobs. Further, some police may have purposely compromised investigations and failed to provide prosecutors sufficient evidence to prosecute trafficking cases.

Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018

The prostittuion could only provide temporary assistance to potential victims for up to eight days, and formal identification by MDTs was necessary for victims to obtain a legal right to services. The government operated five post-arrival and reintegration centers that assisted migrant workers who entered Thailand through the MOU thailandd by providing information on labor rights, Thai culture, employment contracts, trafficking awareness, and complaint mechanisms; inthese centers assistedmigrant workers.

Observers reported some officials utilized practices during MDT victim interviews that hindered the ability of victims to recount their exploitation.

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The government did not report investigating or prosecuting immigration officials who facilitated trafficking by accepting bribes at border checkpoints. However, NGOs reported the prostitutoin on recruitment fees were poorly defined and enforced, and recruitment agencies and brokers still required workers to pay recruitment fees and transportation costs. The OAG partnered with an NGO to organize trainings for prosecutors on trauma-informed procedures in trafficking cases and organized trainings on forced labor for police and prosecutors in southern and central Thailand.

Traffickers exploit some migrants in labor trafficking often through debt-based coercion, deceptive recruitment practices, retention of identity documents and ATM cards, illegal wage deductions, and other means.

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MSDHS employed more than interpreters, an increase compared to inbut often relied on interpreters provided by NGOs and international organizations during rescue operations. From February to SeptemberPIPO centers conducted 53, inspections at-port and 6, at-sea and found 23 and infringements, respectively. The absence of legislation criminalizing human smuggling crimes may have increased the likelihood that officials identified smuggling cases as trafficking. Traffickers increasingly induce young Thai girls and legao to perform sex acts through videos and photos on the internet, sometimes by blackmailing victims thailnd explicit images.

The Government of Thailand does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making ificant efforts to do so.

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The government increased efforts to prevent trafficking. The government reported investigating 76 potential cases of labor trafficking—including four cases involving the fishing sector—compared to 43 in Published 19 November jn Prosecutors worked with NGOs to prepare victims to testify, and courts allowed NGO lawyers to serve as co-plaintiffs in some cases to legally support victims.

NGOs reported difficulty accessing victims they had supported once they entered MSDHS shelters; this, combined with insufficient communication from shelter staff, discouraged NGOs from further cooperating with the government or referring victims fhailand authorities. Labor inspectors working in PIPO teams verified crew lists using biometric data and worker interviews. MSDHS trafficking shelters did not allow victims—including adults—to leave without permission, which was often denied; only victims who received permission to work outside shelters could leave the shelter on a regular basis for work.

Nonetheless, the absence of clear guidance on the application of the forced labor amendment in victim identification during the majority of the reporting period led to confusion among front-line officers. Further, victims were often required to stay in shelters until the completion of proceedings thajland their legla, even in cases in which they were physically and psychologically ready to exit the shelter system.

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The five are facing charges of trafficking and exploitation. Prostiution did not universally apply a standardized procedure for referring cases of fishermen who went missing at sea, including to identify indicators of trafficking on the vessels in which they went missing, and an increasing of crewmembers went missing at sea during the reporting period. In lega, law enforcement officials cooperated with foreign counterparts to investigate the trafficking of Thai victims abroad.

Some victims continued to report reluctance to participate in prosecutions due to fear of detention and extended shelter stays, fears of experiencing retaliation from traffickers, and language barriers.

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Prostitution is legal in Germany, but the suspects allegedly did not pay the women. Some officials failed to recognize trafficking cases that did not involve physical force or overt s of elgal, such as delayed or non-payment of wages, debt-based coercion, and document confiscation. In Augustthe government approved the extension of stay for Cambodian, Laotian, and Burmese workers who obtained legal work permits through the nationality verification process, which allowed undocumented workers to obtain identity documents without si Thailand, by two years.

The government did not report how many restitution claims prosecutors filed on behalf of victims in in but reported courts ordered 3. The government has never reported identifying trafficking victims as a result of PIPO labor inspections.

MSDHS operated a unit under its anti-trafficking division to provide victims legal prostituyion and file compensation claims and utilized guidelines to enhance the efficacy of filing such claims. The government demonstrated overall increasing efforts compared to the reporting period; therefore Thailand remained on Tier 2.

'such brutality': tricked into slavery in the thai fishing industry

This new provision prescribed ificantly lower penalties for labor trafficking offenses than those already available under the existing human trafficking provision of the law. Improve the capacity of law enforcement to proactively prosecute and convict labor traffickers and identify labor trafficking victims. In Novemberthe Department of Employment DOE ed a memorandum of understanding MOU with the South Korean Immigration Service that aimed to increase coordination to address the prevalence of undocumented Thai migrants working in South Korea and to prevent their exploitation in forced labor.

Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018

The government reported two new investigations of official complicity in The victims, several of whom are transgender, allegedly had passports confiscated and salaries withheld. In Novemberthe government passed the Fishery Workers Protection Act to increase protections for fishermen, including tbailand requiring health and safety protections, medical care at sea, rest periods, and other protections; however, it was not fully enforced by the end of the reporting period because the government had not approved seven out of 11 subordinate laws.

Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018

The trial began on Tuesday at a court in the western town of Hanau. Inthe government provided Thailand Germany Prostitution Human trafficking. This acted as a ificant barrier 218 some victims who were not physically or psychologically prepared to undergo the MDT identification process to obtain services.

Some boat captains threaten, beat, and drug fishermen to work longer. Thai authorities also worked with authorities in neighboring countries to enable testimony from witnesses outside protitution Thailand, although some local NGOs reported an unwillingness among local police and prosecutors to do so. Children from Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia are victims of sex trafficking in brothels, massage parlors, bars, karaoke lounges, hotels, and private residences.

Some local police reportedly withhold information from prosecutors to protect traffickers. Provincial labor offices, migrant worker assistance centers, and other government agencies did not adequately investigate migrant workers complaints or refer suspected labor violations, including those indicative of forced labor, to relevant agencies.

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In coordination with the Government of Cambodia, Thai agencies established standard operating procedures for repatriation and reintegration of victims between Cambodia and Thailand. NGOs reported employers increasingly encouraged workers to obtain these border passes. Of the sex and labor trafficking victims identified by Thai officials, —who were mostly Thai—chose not to reside in government shelters, and 28 victims resided in NGO government-registered shelters.

Two of the defendants have also been charged with tax evasion.

Is prostitution legal in thailand 2018

In addition, at-sea inspections did not sufficiently include checks for labor violations or consistently have translators available for interviewing foreign crewmembers. The government did not report investigating employers who illegally charged fees to such migrant workers. Labor inspectors and members of the Royal Thai Navy screened migrant workers for trafficking during inspections, prostitutoin were required to refer all potential trafficking victims to MDTs for formal identification and service referral.

However, Thai authorities did not consistently follow procedures for safely repatriating foreign victims. Some government officials are directly complicit in trafficking crimes, including through accepting bribes or loans from business owners and brothels that exploit victims.

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